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Our hope is to transmit healthy energy, share compassionate experiences and germinate mindfulness habits that will ultimately expand love  


Expressions of Gratitude


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We have received an influx of testimonials from clients we served. The feedback contributed to our decision to open a platform for our clients to share their experience during their engagement in mindfulness practices. The benefits of habituating wellness practices as a ceremonial intent lifts ones energy levels, creates a sense of euphoria and expands awareness. We trust that a moment of awareness allows you to feel healthy and vibrant with just about everything.

Our clients have found consolation knowing they've choosen their experiences. Intentionally choosing to listen to our thoughts before releasing them empowers us to consciously choose our actions. Actions that will ultimately determine our experience. Understanding this level of consciousness does not require us to abandon who we believe we are or who we are to become, or to live perfectly. Our connected awareness becomes a thoughtful intentional action.

It is because of the many responses we've received that we welcome all to share their experiences, aha moments, rituals (including frequency) and transformation which could inspire others endeavoring to join us on this mission toward wellness.

Please forward all testimonials to Survivorrisings@gmail.com. By submitting testimonials you acknowledge and understand that Survivor Risings may modify the content of the testimonial accordingly and will share testimonials on SurvivorRisings.com.

Spreading the News

Earn referral rewards. Refer a friend/acquaintance/family member/colleague and receive 10% off your next session, while 5% will be donated to a family shelter in New York. 

Power of Thought & Abundance in Action

What are you thankful for this week?

What actions did you take to employ self-care today?

How did you self medicate today?

About Us

Dedicated to Sharing

In 2004, I accepted a role to support, educate and empower individuals and families in what was perceived as low income communities. During my work I noticed the connectedness, love, uplifting words spoken and support the residents rendered within the community. The communities exhibited respect, solidarity and values that surpassed all financial income. Seeing and feeling this level of support in a community where lack was mostly the topic of discussion, whether recorded in newspapers or at local meetings, moved me. I accepted this opportunity to learn more about the residents and how I could inspire further development.

I began facilitating weekly house meetings centered on wellness, titled "Further Inner Development." It was important for me to acknowledge the work they implemented to empower themselves as a community and my contributions as an invited guest. The experiences with individuals and families initiated vivid dreams for me which later manifested and influence the work I engage today. 

As a native New Yorker, I've accessed MTA throughout my life and continue to use the services a few times each week. While navigating the subway and bus systems, I have learned how others think, feel and live. Along with my previously mentioned experiences in the community, I'm inspired to share my more recent experiences with you. It's all connected. I will be blogging, interpreting based on my views and welcoming feedback from you all. Subscribe below or simply email survivorrisings@gmail.com.

Open Expression

Through this frequency, the expression of dreams, ideas, realities and intentions will be broadcasted by way of written, photographic and other forms of artistic works. 

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